Berets All Day


My thoughts on the beret & why it's having its fashion moment in the sun. 

BB Dakota beret (similar here), Black mixed print cold shoulder romper c/o Pretty Little Things, Vintage belt, Forever 21 round sunglasses, ASOS boots. Shot by Erica Lavelanet.

It's not surprising to me that the beret is currently experiencing a fashion comeback. Besides personally being obsessed with all things Français (refer to: my last post) I think this little wool outfit topper happens to go hand-in-hand quite nicely with the revolutionary spirit that's been rising to the top of the unstable, simmering melting pot that is our present-day country slash world.

If you were to look at the history of the beret alongside the current political and social climate in which we find ourselves, its return seems inevitable. As a longtime symbol of militant strength (they were worn by units in the French military as early as the 1880s) and later, revolution (hello, Che Guevara & the Black Panthers), this year is proving to be the perfect setting for the beret to thrive. For me, after the growth of the women's movement since the election of Trump--from the infamous Women's March, to the Day Without A Woman, to the current #MeToo campaign that arose after the Weinstein scandal--it only makes sense that more and more women are accessorizing anew with this age-old token of rebellion and solidarity.

If you were to look at things from a strictly fashion point-of-view (by way of the Fall 2017 runway shows) the current beret craze should really come as no shock. Jacquemus, Dior, Nicholas K, Wanda Nylon and Prada Men all foresaw the trend, sending them down their runways last March in styles that ranged from shiny gold, to soft leather, to warm & fuzzy iterations. Not to mention, remember how Beyoncé used them as part of her Superbowl performance? Obviously berets were bound to start trending soon after...

The bottom line? Whatever style beret you're wearing and however you're wearing it, I'm 100% down with the cause. Check out how I styled mine above, along with a fun assortment of some of my favorite IG fashion figures who are rocking it their own unique ways below.

Babes in Berets! A Few of My IG Faves...

@giizeleoliveira working the all-black, Parisian chic look.

@rachmartino rocks a playful pastel number.

@cyndiramirez making a subtle case for neutral tones.

@katreeeens giving her beret a sporty edge.

@noelledowning chose a red outfit topper with matching lip.

@dylanasuarez keeping it quirky with pops of bright color.

@cristinamusacchio proving that berets and moto jackets are truly a match made in heaven.


  1. Thanks for including me in this girl! You look fab in the beret always!


  2. I LOVE the pictures!The look is perfect!
    La ilusión de Nina-

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