Elevate your Superbowl spread with a little help from Whole Foods.  

Who What Wear striped tunic, H&M red jeans, Eugenia Kim newsboy cap, Zara patent leather boots. Food styling/ shots by me, all other shots by Nicole Rutsch.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love a good excuse to throw a party. I've hosted everything from  an All-White NYE party (to ring in 2018), to a Great Gatsby-themed birthday party for friends, to a Peking Duck potluck party in celebration of Tet. My enthusiasm for these events has even earned me the nickname of 'Marcy Stewart' from some.

So even though I'm not much of a football fan, when it comes to the Superbowl, I'm always down to play hostess. Friends who are fans of the sport can focus on the game and I'll focus on the food. And commercials. And halftime show (yassss Justin Timberlake, yassss). It's really a win-win situation. 

An even bigger win? WHOLE FOODS NOW HAS CATERING! Which is really a game-change because sometimes your girl just doesn't want to cook. So when Whole Foods asked me to partner with them to create my dream Superbowl spread, I was 100% in. 

All the items above are from their insanely huge new catering menu here. And they were all drop-dead delicious. 

Details of the spread below, but do yourself a favor and bookmark this link for anytime you're in a party-hostessing pinch. Your friends won't even know it wasn't homemade (unless you tell them, of course).

Cheers & Happy Superbowl guys!

(Semi-Healthy) Superbowl Spread

Buffalo Chicken Wings for 8
Mezze Platter for 8
Mini Brioche Platter for 8
Corn Salad
Crispy Kale Salad

(serves approx. 10-12 people)



  1. Looks so yum!


  2. It looks really good!!
    Have a great day!

    La ilusión de Nina-

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