A Capitol Affair


Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Charlotte's chicest boutique with Farfetch.

All images shot by Kris Fulk photography for Farfetch along with fellow bloggers (from left to right in VW pic) Christina Zayas, Karen Blanchard, Cristian Pena and Mary Gui

My closest friends will be the first to tell you: I'm always down for an adventure or to travel somewhere new. So when Farfetch reached out to me a couple weeks ago to see if I'd be available to travel with them to Charlotte to fête the 20th Anniversary of the uber-chic clothing boutique, Capitol, it didn't take much convincing for me to say yes. 

What ensued was a weekend's worth of Southern hospitality at its finest. After taking a tour of Capitol's sleek space and designer offerings, we were whisked away by bus to North Corner Haven for a farm party unlike any other. From skeet-shooting (in heels, mind you...and yes I did hit my target!), to playing with baby goats, feasting my heart out at an authentic pig-picking and drinking moonshine in a psychedelic teepee... the experience was unforgettable. Hard to believe that was only day one!  

The following (painfully hungover) morning we headed to Capitol's sister-boutique for men, Tabor, where we indulged in a little hair-of-the-dog at a backlot bbq bash before heading home to change for the evening's events. The plan? To attend a private viewing of the Mint Museum's new Oscar De La Renta exhibit, followed by dinner at the trendy eatery Haberdish, then wrapping up the evening on the dance floor at the Mint Museum's Couture Gala After Party. My look? The easy-breezy Zimmermann jumpsuit pictured above paired with super-comfy Bill Blass platforms... both perfect for sashaying the evening away in style. 

A huge thanks to the teams at Farfetch and Capitol for an amazing intro to Charlotte! 
You can bet I'll be back there soon.


___________________  FARM PARTY  ___________________

___________________  DAYTIME CHIC  ___________________

___________________  SUMMER SOIREE  ___________________


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