It's a personal style blog that I started with a friend a few years back, then took over for my own in January 2014. I named the blog after the subway stop in Brooklyn that I live off of, and it's primarily a way for me to stay creative by documenting my outfits, lifestyle and inspirations... with a few cocktails, travels and fun times thrown in for good measure, of course!

Personally, I'm just a California-girl at heart, living, working and loving in this beautiful city that's been my home for over a decade: New York. My awesome boyfriend takes most of my photos, but I'm always open to collaborating with brands, friends and other photographers, and luckily this city is full of a ton of them!

Professionally, I come from the realms of fashion publishing, public relations and design, with over 7 years experience with Rizzoli Publications, specializing in designing and editing high-end art, fashion and architecture monographs. Prior to this, I worked for five years as Senior Executive at a lifestyle Public Relations firm in New York City. And at present, I work as Design Director for the Brooklyn-based creative agency HOWL Group, where I conceptualize and oversee projects from start to finish, working with a team of freelancers while managing client accounts. You can take a look at my professional portfolio at laurenagould.com

But enough about me... let's talk about you! Take a look around; make yourself at home. And don't forget to leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have any feedback. Because if there's anything NYC has taught me it's that the only way we can improve is with the help of the awesome and inspiring people we surround ourselves with.



Written by Lauren Gould. 
Above image shot by Jeremy Mitchell for Denim & Supply RL. 
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Disclaimer: TheMarcyStop.com occasionally receives vendor/ brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.


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